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Build a Class A Finish with AlphaCoat®
Sprayable Surfacing Materials

The AlphaCoat surfacing system is a family of products developed for priming, filling, surfacing, and sealing a wide variety of substrates including cast iron, steel, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass, wood, and concrete.

These modified polyester based products are catalyzed with Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide and are spray applied by air assisted airless spray equipment or conventional gravity feed pressurized spray guns. The AlphaCoat family features low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

AlphaCoat products possess excellent adhesion and priming qualities to metal and offer extremely high build capability of up to 30 mils per coat. AlphaCoat quickly dries to a sandable surface and sands better than most conventional primer surfacers. AlphaCoat provides an excellent base for top coats, improves top coat adhesion, and color hold-out. Designed to eliminate multi-step finishing processes, AlphaCoat improves cosmetic appearance and increases production throughput while reducing labor.

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- Fillers/Primers
- Industrial Putty
- Spray Granite
- Cultured Marble
- Solid Surface

AlphaCoat Sprayable
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